Monday Musings

this monday has been very rough so monday musings is a little more rambly today…I saved you a little reading on the last two because I was about to fall asleep

but i still hope you enjoy


1. Baltimore/Nepal: This one is a more serious than the other Monday Musings but I just wanted to take the time to address these issues. If you didn’t know already, many people are protesting in Baltimore and Maryland has declared a state of emergency. On the other side of the world, an earthquake in Nepal has claimed close to 5000 lives. I just heard about these things on the news and so its very fresh in my mind. The earthquake in Nepal was a natural disaster that cannot be controlled which is extremely tragic and my heart goes out to everyone over there. But whats more tragic is that the situation in Baltimore could have been prevented. It scares me that we turn to violence when there is already so much tragedy in the world naturally. Please remember to use conversation and patience BEFORE violence no matter how unfair or unjust a situation seems.

2. Instagram Comments: I know we should never judge the quality of our life by likes and comments or the status of our social media but when someone says something nice about a photo it makes my day. On the other hand, when someone says something rude or subtly rude (y’all know what im talking about) it ruins my day. To hit the “send” button only takes a second and i KNOW i’ve accidentally sent out  some texts to the wrong people and had to cover for myself. Isn’t it weird how something that takes a second out of our lives can actually change someone else’s life?

3. The Work Ethic of the Kardashians: I am the last person to show respect for the Kardashian sisters. Their lives are interesting and sometimes comical to watch on screen and I envy their looks but my admiration for them goes little beyond liking the interior design they have chosen for their homes. They represent themselves horribly and don’t seem to understand that baring your body does not prove anything to the world. Kim said in a recent episode that she received criticism for posing naked for Paper magazine because she is a mother. “So what? You don’t shrivel up and die,” she said. Respect Level: -1,000,000. That being said, their brand has grown a lot in the past few years. There is only so much a business can do with a following of fans and even though their scandalous lifestyle has awarded them diehard customers, they also have made very savvy business decisions on their own that have given them their own success. In my opinion, the sisters have grown as businesswomen and I hope they use the attention surrounding Bruce at this time as an opportunity to rebuild their image for the sake of their children. Because even though you don’t shrivel up and die as a mother, your kid probably will when she sees what these sisters have done over the years to get their fame. But hey, live isn’t over until you die so they’ve got time to prove me wrong.

4. The White House Correspondent’s Dinner: I felt like some people got snubbed from this but I guess you can’t invite everyone. Cecily Strong, the host, was amazing and her jokes were raunchy enough to make some people’s hate list but also funny in a refreshing way without vulgarity.

5. Taking Makeup Off: This is THE hardest part of of my makeup…after I come home I really don’t have the energy to take my makeup off and I end up with smudged mascara and eyeliner and really bad skin the next morning. 😦


Friday Faves

Hello!! It’s Fridayyy so it’s time for some more favorites!!

The latest and greatest in my little corner of the world…

1. Lush Bath Bombs: This is sooo soothing and pretty to look at! It leaves my skin super moisturized and smells amazing. This one is called Sex Bomb and leaves little rose petals in your bath tub. I also recently purchased the Big Blue bath bomb which I really love as well.


2. Apple Tree in my Backyard: Little apples growing in my backyard 🙂


3. 25 Famous Women on Female Friendship: I saw this article on Yahoo! and was so surprised at how many quotes I related to. Some made me feel upset while others gave me hope, but all of them made me think long and hard about friendship and it was just really nice to read so I think you should too!

4. Elisa Pendant Neclace from Kendra Scott: I got this necklace as a late birthday present from a friend and I absolutely love it. It goes with every outfit and is the perfect delicate necklace. The colors are Gold/Iridescent Druzy.


5. Love You More Pencil/Makeup Bag from Paper Source: Picked this up because I wanted a cute bag that could fit all of my essentials. I love the design and the gold detailing on the zipper 🙂


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHope you enjoyed these favorites+pictures!



Thursday Thoughts: Makeup

Attempting to find the meaning of life every Thursday…

Ahh makeup. I call makeup a guilty pleasure because I’m such a strong believer in accepting yourself but it feels like makeup contradicts all of that. I’m basically lying to people and myself. Now I know that makeup is a form of self-expression and is relatively harmless but in reality most girls use makeup not to play up their natural beauty but to create beauty from tinted chemicals in pretty packages. In my opinion, the notion that girls use makeup to enhance natural beauty and play with different looks is completely untrue. On the other hand, I know that there are some people who have truly accepted themselves and use makeup as a statement rather than a disguise. I admire these kinds of people because I know I would much rather have a fully done makeup look than going out bare faced. The reality is that I should be fine with both and makeup should be used as an art form NOT as a standard of beauty. Why is that a bride wears makeup on her wedding day? Shouldn’t the day her and her spouse are united be the day when she is truly herself and not wearing makeup? Since when did special occasions translate into girls wearing makeup? Why is a woman taken more seriously in meetings when her face is “put on”?

I LOVE makeup because it’s so fun for me to try out different products, put it on, and see the results. I love the way my face looks with makeup and I love talking to people about makeup but sometimes I feel like I’m a hypocrite for talking about accepting yourself when using makeup is changing yourself to be “prettier”. Anyways since I have a couple papers to write, I’ve decided to expand on this topic later and leave you with this short rant.

Thanks for reading!


P.S. Why don’t guys wear makeup? so frustrating!!

Monday Musings

Hello! It’s Monday and that means it’s time for another Monday Musings. It also means that today the work/school week starts over. I feel like weekends are little breaks from reality which make getting up bright and early on Monday morning that much harder. Anyways, keep scrolling to read my musings on the first five things that I think of.

P.S. I’m working on getting pictures up with every post. Monday Musings are literally the first five things that come to mind so it can be hard to take pictures beforehand. I hope you still enjoy!

My last post was a Makeup Routine with pictures! Click here to read!!

Monday Musings:

1. Greek Yogurt with Fruit: I feel like this belongs in a Friday Faves but I couldn’t wait. This is such a healthy option but it also tastes good which makes it the perfect kind of treat.  I love having this for breakfast or as a snack and the fruit looks so pretty in the bowl. 🙂 Isn’t it weird that colors that amazing are natural? I know that sounds weird but sometimes I kind of pause when I’m eating fruit because the colors are so vibrant and they just happen in nature. The photographer side of me gets really excited and it makes me appreciate life a little more. I know it sounds corny but sometimes I feel like I need to stop and appreciate the little things in life like the colors of fruit. For example, this blog doesn’t have very many followers compared to others but I’m so grateful for anyone who is reading this/follows me. So, fruit in Greek yogurt has escalated into thank you notes and life perspectives. That’s why I love Monday Musings. I can just think 🙂

2. The Appeal of Grey’s Anatomy: I’ve been a Grey’s Anatomy fan for forever but I recently took a break from watching and relied on recaps because I didn’t want to tune in every Thursday. But I just couldn’t stay away and I’m now rewatching the entire series on Netflix. Starting from the beginning reminded me of how much I love the show and the characters because they make the hospital life look so glamourous. I love how Shonda Rhimes (the creator) seamlessly integrates the character’s personal lives with the surgeries that they have and also throws in a LOT of drama. While it makes the show exciting, I’ve done a little research and realized that Grey’s is far from the truth in a surgical interns life but hey, there’s still a chance that you could meet your McDreamy if you want to become a surgeon.

3. Blogging Full Time: Imagine a job where you could write out your thoughts, take pictures, post them online and get paid for doing it. I know that blogging is hard work and I understand that there’s a lot more to it than meets the eye. But it seems like bloggers have such a nice life. I’m not at all saying that they don’t work hard but blogging is definitely more relaxed than some 9-5 standard jobs. The big bloggers seem to have such a great life but making it big in the blogging world is a long shot which is why I’ve decided to use blogging as a hobby rather than a lifestyle.

4. Dark Circles: When this came to mind, I was a little annoyed because my undereye circles and acne have been giving me a lot of grief lately. They’re so annoying and even though concealer lightens them it doesn’t make the fine lines go away. For treatment I’ve heard that application of green tea bags, cold spoons, and retinol creams work great. I’ll update you on any results after I try!

5. Scrapbooking: I really want to start scrapbooking. I know it’s a commitment and can be very costly but I’ve been obsessed with A Beautiful Mess’s website lately because they’re albums and supplies look amazing. I love photography and crafts so scrapbooking is a perfect way to combine them. It also gives me a chance to do a little more diy projects. I’m going to try to refrain from going completely storebought and instead come up with some cheaper alternatives to making a cute scrapbook and of course share them with you!

Hope you liked this post!


My last Monday Musings here

Makeup Routine

In my next Thursday Thoughts, I’m going to be talking about the downsides of wearing makeup and the unattainable standards of beauty. I know that these topics have been heavily written about but I wanted to throw in my two cents. So, before I launch into a rant next week about how society is lying to us about the reason for makeup, I though I would share with you my makeup routine. As a feminist, I can see the problems with makeup but as a female, I love using makeup and playing with different looks. The reason I didn’t put daily in the title is because I am a firm believer in not using makeup everyday (more on that in Thursday’s post). But when I do wear makeup, I like to go for a subtle, ethereal look that is minimalistic but sophisticated. This look functions as a great way to present yourself during the day and as a pretty barely there look for parties. As you will see below I have taken pictures of the products and described my routine but you do not see my face (which seems like an important part of a makeup routine). Unfortunately, its a lot easier to be confident behind a screen and a cute username than it is in reality. For now, I’ve opted out of showing my face but I hope you still enjoy seeing the products and who knows? maybe one day i’ll update! Thanks for reading, hope you enjoy!

1. The Base

To start off my makeup, I apply my concealer and foundation. I’ve always struggled with dark circles so I count on Maybelline Age Rewind Dark Circle Eraser to help me with those. I apply this in a deep v under my eyes and then soften it with my ring finger for that Kim K look. I love a bright under eye so I don’t really use a brush for this part. Even though this product is meant for under eyes, I also use it as a highlight for the bridge of my nose, cheeks, and brow-bone. For my foundation, I’ve been loving Benefit’s Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow foundation which is an oldie but a goodie. It has really light coverage so you can decide how much you want to build it up and it’s really moisturizing with SPF. I brush this on to my face in circular motions with my Real Techniques Expert Face brush which I pretty much use for everything.

2. The “Pop”

After my foundation and concealer, my face tends to show a little too much shine. While I love a dewy look, especially for spring, I apply my Bare Minerals foundation powder with my Real Techniques Powder Brush to mattify and set my T-zone and under my eyes where I tend to get really oily. After applying a full base it can seem like your face looks unnaturally flawless and 2D.  Sometimes, I feel like people actually look prettier when they have no makeup on because any unevenness adds dimension to their face. To fix this, I love playing with my Bare Minerals Bronzer (Warmth- All over Face Color). I suck in my cheeks and apply this just under my cheekbones with my Real Techniques brush or an angled brush. I’m still searching for a good blush and I’m thinking about getting the Too Faced Sweetheart’s Blush in Very Berry which has such pretty colors but is a little on the pricey side.

3. The Eyes

To me, the eyes are my favorite part but they’re also the hardest part of my makeup. There’s so many options even if you only have eyeliner or a palette and each of them range in skill level. For my eyeshadow, I love a simple, shimmery look that can transition from day to night. I’m currently in love with the Too Faced Natural Eyes palette because it has the perfect balance of shimmery and matte colors that are all pretty neutral. I usually just take Silk Teddy which is a shimmery blush color and put that all over my eyelid, then go in with Cashmere Bunny in the crease. Finally, I take a small brush and use Erotica on my upper lash line and just below my lower lashes for a smudged out look. After blending all of that out, it’s usually nice enough for a regular day but sometimes I will take my Gel Eye Liner from Julep and make my lines a little more defined but still pretty soft. This eye liner is so creamy and easy to use and I’ve noticed that brown eyeliners compliment my eyes a lot better than black liquid liners. However, when I am going for a bolder look for a party, Maybelline Line Stilleto Ultimate Precision Liquid Eyeliner in Blackest Black is the best liquid liner I’ve ever used. The felt tip is so nice to use although you do still have to practice to create a nice line. I line my eyes with this and do a small flick at the end because cat-eyes are not my thing. To finish my eyes off, I love wearing mascara. Even though I have pretty long lashes naturally, using mascara can give you that fanned out, thick lash look after your lashes get covered in foundation. I love Benefit’s They’re Real! Mascara because it doesn’t clump and I just need one stroke to create lashes that look really thick but not loaded with mascara.

4. The Lips

To finish my look off, I love to wear nude lip colors. I think lighter, nude shades can really tie a look together and once again transition really well from day to night. I start off with a tinted lip color from Fresh’s Sugar Lip Treatment called Honey. This is a nude almost brown color that moisturizes really well. I have an entire set of the Sugar Lip Treatment collection which I really love but they are definitely pretty expensive. I was gifted the set and I know that you can sometimes score them at Tj Maxx so be on the lookout for that.  I then add some shimmer with Maybelline’s Baby Lips in Peach Kiss. To give some extra shine and finish everything off, I use Nyx’s Mega Shine Lipgloss in Sweet Heart.

And that’s my makeup routine all finished! I hope you enjoyed and please comment below if you would like to see a skincare routine or any other type of post.


Friday Faves

Here I talk about the latest and greatest in my little corner of the world…

So, while I did snap a few pictures to go along with this post, most of them didn’t make the cut. Photographing is actually a lot harder than it looks and making a non DSLR camera take high quality pics is a huge struggle. This is the last in my series of weekday posts so Monday Musings, Thursday Thoughts, and Friday Faves + a surprise post is what I have to say every week. I sincerely hope you click the follow button and support me because a lot of hard work goes in to crafting this blog and I really love doing this. Anyways, below is 5 things that I’ve been loving in my life lately 🙂



1. Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 ~ absolutely in love with these movies! I rented them on Itunes and it’s such a chick-flick so obviously I loved them. I have a total girl crush on Blake Lively and I LOVE Alexis Bledel and America Fererra from Gilmore Girls and Ugly Betty. I totally recommend this as a sleepover movie or just a cute movie to watch.

Credit: Apple Inc. Trailers

2. It Girl “Danielle” by Julep ~This color reminds of a mermaid tail and I’m in loveee. It’s a little out there for someone like me who usually wears pastels and neutrals but I think it’s a really fun summer/spring color especially as an accent nail.


3. Panera Bread ~ I recently went back to Panera after taking a little break and I forgot how great the food is. There’s something about the bread they use that is addicting. I usually get the Chicken Frontega and a side of Tomato Soup. I only have a picture of my water because I ate it too fast to take a picture 🙂

4. Objects on White Duvets ~ this one is really random but if you follow a lot of fashion/lifestyle/photography blogs you’ll know what i’m talking about. It seems like putting anything on a white duvet instantly makes a picture blogworthy and really pretty. I went a little crazy putting random things on a old comforter but i decided to spare you and just show you one 🙂


5. Bright by Echosmith ~ apparently this is an old song but I just heard it on the radio and it’s such a nice song to listen to and it seems like something they would play at weddings

Credit: Spotify
Credit: Spotify

Thursday Thoughts: Friendship

Attempting to find the meaning of life every Thursday…

So in Monday Musings I talked about friends and high school a little and then promised that I would write a full length post about the topic. I then realized that I have a lot to say about a variety of different issues. After all, isn’t that what blogging is about? So I created Thursday Thoughts to voice my opinions about the more broad, ambiguous life topics that we often forget about while rushing through our lives. I know these weekday titles can get annoying but it motivates me to actually get a post up.

So this week’s topic is friendship. Obviously I will be talking about this through a series of posts because I don’t really want to write a novel but today I wanted to explore the idea of friends being linked to happiness. Lately I’ve been feeling kind of low because it feels like I’m alone all the time. Even when I’m talking to someone, I don’t really feel like I’m a part of something. I’m not a total loner and I have people that I’ve labeled as “friends” but it’s become clear to me that I’ve simply been avoiding the fact that I don’t really have a ride or die.

Now that I’m trying a more positive outlook on life, I’m starting to realize that being alone can actually be a blessing. I’ve spent a lot of time sulking over the fact that while everyone else goes out with their friends to make memories that will last a lifetime, I’ve simply been witness to these great times on Instagram. Even though I don’t have a Blair to my Serena, it doesn’t mean that I won’t ever find “my person”. And in actuality you don’t ever need to find “your person”. True happiness comes from yourself. At the end of the day, you are the only person who truly has your best interest at heart and can achieve your desires. No one else will chase after your dreams for you. I know that that’s a morbid way of looking at the world considering that support from friends and family usually play a major role in achieving success but at the end of the day you need to provide for yourself. I think that in this “me” time, I’m going to focus on myself and explore what I really want in life through this blog and other experiences. I’m so lucky to have a really amazing family so that I don’t feel completely alone.

If you’re in a position where you don’t feel like you have “your people” then I’m here to tell you that it’s ok. It’s still possible to be happy. Try to find yourself through writing, check a few things off your bucket list, and dance because nobody’s watching.  Anyone who tells you that life’s more fun with people to share it with is a liar because life is what you make it. That being said, don’t make your entire life a period of self-reflection. It’s beneficial to have a period of being by yourself but having friends is amazing as well. So don’t forget to put yourself out there. I’ve gotten hurt by fake friends countless times because I get excited at the prospect of a lifetime relationship and even though the backstabbing hurts, I’m still standing and I know that when I do find my real friends, I’m going to appreciate them even more :). I also want to say that if you read through all of this, thank you! Even though we don’t know each other, you can count on me to be one of your people. I would really appreciate your input in the comments below as this is my first Thursday Thoughts.

Hope you enjoyed!


P.S. I’m working on posts with pictures! Any pictures that you see on this blog are taken by me unless stated otherwise. Watch out for a Friday Faves and a Makeup Routine! Also, I know my blog only has a thoughts tab but eventually I’m going to have beauty, eat, create, and maybe more!