Monday Musings

hello!!! happy monday! (does that exist?) anyways  here is another monday musings:) the other day i was thinking about the similarity between friday faves and monday musings so i just wanted to say that the difference between them is that friday faves is all things that I love while monday musings is about things that make me wonder or concern me enough to make me want to pitch in my 2 cents (almost like a less important thursday thoughts) hope that cleared it up!!

1. Cost of Clothing: I went shopping the other day and every price tag that I looked at made me sooo sad 😦 I know that there a lot better things to worry about but seriously sometimes it makes me angry that stores price their clothing so high above what it costs them to make it just to increase their margins and make a higher profit because wouldn’t it be nice if people could at least come closer to affording what they wanted instead of having all these high end brands that separate society. Honestly I saw a shirt at Target that looked exactly like a shirt at Free People that was 10 times the price. Yet, people still flock to the high end brands because they feel like it means something to spend huge amounts of money on overpriced things to prove their status instead of understanding the value of money and looking for lower prices or donating to charity. Even makeup for that matter is separated into high end and drugstore and honestly sometimes Rimmel has lipsticks that have the exact same quality as the Chanel or Tom Ford ones. The only differences? The brand, the TF logo engraved on the top of the lipstick, and the extreme difference in price. It makes me sad that I get more attention and awe when I bring in high end makeup versus the drugstore dupe because it goes to show that we are a brand driven society because Tom Ford makes ridiculous amounts of money even though all they do is engrave letters into their lipstick and put it in classier packaging. At the end of the day, I prefer an honest company like Rimmel who prices their makeup at a reasonable amount that most people can afford. sorry for the rant xx 😛

2. Drivers Ed: Im currently taking the online Drivers Ed class and while I completely understand the necessity of taking such a thorough course I have to wonder why the test taking portion is so hard because honestly I think you learn more about driving from the experience and I definitely won’t remember all of the reading quizzes on the road. but I could be totally wrong but it is such a pain 😦

3. The Appeal of Out of State Colleges: As many eager seniors jet off to new adventures outside of their home, I think about how nice it must be to find new friends and in a way start over. I think everyone is right when they say that you don’t meet your lifelong friends in high school and I think the reason for that is that in high school we are young and dumb and immature but college is like the last step before you go into the real world and settle into a mundane routine adult life and I think you realize that you need people around you to go through that with so you find those people in college. Its harder to find those people in high school or if you go to college where you live because you can’t go on completely new adventures and find out who you are away from your family. Also, when you grow up somewhere your friendships are often the results of your parents because if you think about it you wouldn’t have made the friends you did in high school if your parents hadn’t enrolled you in that school but in college its different because you get to find your friends all on your own and find people who actually like you for you and not as a result of being stuck in school with you for many years. That being said, I know that there a lot of upsides to staying close to home for college but I just think that you don’t get many chances in life for a fresh start.

4. Ariana Grande: she recently made a statement about how she doesn’t want to be known as Big Sean’s girlfriend because she is not his property or possession and how she does not need a partner to be happy or successful. I really respected and admired her words and I think that being independent and happy without friends or partners is really important and always something to think about

5. Handwriting vs Typing: I love finding new ways to use my computer productively but I stopped by Target the other day and found so many cute calendars and notebooks and realized that by limiting myself to a device to do everything with my life I’m actually missing out on the joys of handwriting. Its actually proven that handwriting makes you understand and remember things better than typing. So whether it be for note taking or to do lists, for the next month I am going to try to go strictly by paper. (Except for my calendar and Netflix….I can’t live without tv and the Sunrise Calendar app to organize my week)  I’ll update you in my Friday Faves!!

hope you enjoyed this post!



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