Friday Faves

Happy Friday! I spent most of today in a car for a road trip so I can now say that I truly know the meaning of exhausted. Anyways here’s my five favorites of the week! Sorry for the lack of pictures, there really wasn’t anything to capture on my road trip 😛

1. Season 5 of PLL: the fab four + Ali are back in action in Season 5 which just arrived on Netflix! I really don’t have the time to keep up with this show when it actually airs so I love binge watching on Netflix and so far I am loving it. I usually watch a lot of lighter shows, mostly comedy and maybe a little drama because I get scared really easily so while the thought of A sometimes keeps me up I still love this show!!

2. Singing Covers on Youtube: I really love watching these! Basically whenever I hear a song I like I go on to Youtube and look up covers of that song and it’s so amazing to see other peoples’ interpretations of the songs and all the crazy talented people on Youtube! Some people I have been loving are: Kurt Hugo Schneider (does collabs with singers), Madilyn Bailey, and Alex G

3. SLEEP: this is probably always going to be a favorite because I am soo sleep depraved and summer has given me the opportunity to catch up on some much needed snooze time. I find myself going to bed super late binge watching netflix/youtube and waking up just in time for a late lunch 🙂 Its not the best schedule but sometimes you need slow weeks so I took this week to sleep ALL the time

4. being home alone: this week I got a lot of time to myself because I was the only one in my house who could have a lazy week and stay in bed. this let me dance around, eat ice cream out of the cartoon, take selfies shamelessly and document it all on Snapchat haha. even though I would probably get really lonely after awhile of this, for the week it was definitely a favorite

5. this blog: typing away about my favorite things and being able to share that is such a cool idea. I love reading these types of posts on other peoples’ blogs and its so nice that blogging is something anyone can do. this is also a welcome break for when I get tired of netflix (yes it can happen)

hope you enjoyed!! and yes I know this post makes me look like a total loser haha I promise I get out sometimes 🙂



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