Thursday Thoughts

Hi blogosphere! I haven’t seen you in a while because I needed some time to refocus. I know that sounds stupid because I only have 9 followers and 0 page views but every blog has a person behind it no matter the amount of followers. And this person just needed a reality check. Life has gotten hard. I know people have it worse and my petty struggles are nothing compared to the tragedy that occurs in our world today but I feel stuck. There are so many thoughts swirling around in my head because I have so much to say about so many things but its really hard to feel motivated when it feels like no one cares about your voice. I realized that when I started this blog I made time for it because I wanted to type out my thoughts as an outlet and a way to create a happy place but it evolved into another way to point out my insecurities. Whenever I don’t receive a page view I feel irrelevant because I thought I could my blog would inspire people and become huge overnight. But then I remind myself that that’s not why I started this.Then I remind myself that there are thousands of blogs that don’t get seen by anyone but the writer. and that’s okay. that’s actually perfect. Blogging comes from a place of happiness for me and if I can continue to make time to write because it pulls me away from my insecurities and loneliness that I think I’m gonna be okay. So, instead of being a thursday thoughts, this was kind of a checkpoint as I refocus myself and shift gears but expect a friday faves tomorrow and maybe a random thoughts or style post on saturday!


2 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. It isn’t about the views… or the followers. It’s about your voice and using this as an outlet. I began mine as an outlet, and people reached out to me, and it began its own little community… Of people helping each other. It’s really nice. I’ll happily be your tenth follower as I enjoy reading your pieces (: hold hope. People are out there


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