Monday Musings

this monday has been very rough so monday musings is a little more rambly today…I saved you a little reading on the last two because I was about to fall asleep

but i still hope you enjoy


1. Baltimore/Nepal: This one is a more serious than the other Monday Musings but I just wanted to take the time to address these issues. If you didn’t know already, many people are protesting in Baltimore and Maryland has declared a state of emergency. On the other side of the world, an earthquake in Nepal has claimed close to 5000 lives. I just heard about these things on the news and so its very fresh in my mind. The earthquake in Nepal was a natural disaster that cannot be controlled which is extremely tragic and my heart goes out to everyone over there. But whats more tragic is that the situation in Baltimore could have been prevented. It scares me that we turn to violence when there is already so much tragedy in the world naturally. Please remember to use conversation and patience BEFORE violence no matter how unfair or unjust a situation seems.

2. Instagram Comments: I know we should never judge the quality of our life by likes and comments or the status of our social media but when someone says something nice about a photo it makes my day. On the other hand, when someone says something rude or subtly rude (y’all know what im talking about) it ruins my day. To hit the “send” button only takes a second and i KNOW i’ve accidentally sent out  some texts to the wrong people and had to cover for myself. Isn’t it weird how something that takes a second out of our lives can actually change someone else’s life?

3. The Work Ethic of the Kardashians: I am the last person to show respect for the Kardashian sisters. Their lives are interesting and sometimes comical to watch on screen and I envy their looks but my admiration for them goes little beyond liking the interior design they have chosen for their homes. They represent themselves horribly and don’t seem to understand that baring your body does not prove anything to the world. Kim said in a recent episode that she received criticism for posing naked for Paper magazine because she is a mother. “So what? You don’t shrivel up and die,” she said. Respect Level: -1,000,000. That being said, their brand has grown a lot in the past few years. There is only so much a business can do with a following of fans and even though their scandalous lifestyle has awarded them diehard customers, they also have made very savvy business decisions on their own that have given them their own success. In my opinion, the sisters have grown as businesswomen and I hope they use the attention surrounding Bruce at this time as an opportunity to rebuild their image for the sake of their children. Because even though you don’t shrivel up and die as a mother, your kid probably will when she sees what these sisters have done over the years to get their fame. But hey, live isn’t over until you die so they’ve got time to prove me wrong.

4. The White House Correspondent’s Dinner: I felt like some people got snubbed from this but I guess you can’t invite everyone. Cecily Strong, the host, was amazing and her jokes were raunchy enough to make some people’s hate list but also funny in a refreshing way without vulgarity.

5. Taking Makeup Off: This is THE hardest part of of my makeup…after I come home I really don’t have the energy to take my makeup off and I end up with smudged mascara and eyeliner and really bad skin the next morning. 😦


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