Friday Faves

Here I talk about the latest and greatest in my little corner of the world…

So, while I did snap a few pictures to go along with this post, most of them didn’t make the cut. Photographing is actually a lot harder than it looks and making a non DSLR camera take high quality pics is a huge struggle. This is the last in my series of weekday posts so Monday Musings, Thursday Thoughts, and Friday Faves + a surprise post is what I have to say every week. I sincerely hope you click the follow button and support me because a lot of hard work goes in to crafting this blog and I really love doing this. Anyways, below is 5 things that I’ve been loving in my life lately 🙂



1. Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 ~ absolutely in love with these movies! I rented them on Itunes and it’s such a chick-flick so obviously I loved them. I have a total girl crush on Blake Lively and I LOVE Alexis Bledel and America Fererra from Gilmore Girls and Ugly Betty. I totally recommend this as a sleepover movie or just a cute movie to watch.

Credit: Apple Inc. Trailers

2. It Girl “Danielle” by Julep ~This color reminds of a mermaid tail and I’m in loveee. It’s a little out there for someone like me who usually wears pastels and neutrals but I think it’s a really fun summer/spring color especially as an accent nail.


3. Panera Bread ~ I recently went back to Panera after taking a little break and I forgot how great the food is. There’s something about the bread they use that is addicting. I usually get the Chicken Frontega and a side of Tomato Soup. I only have a picture of my water because I ate it too fast to take a picture 🙂

4. Objects on White Duvets ~ this one is really random but if you follow a lot of fashion/lifestyle/photography blogs you’ll know what i’m talking about. It seems like putting anything on a white duvet instantly makes a picture blogworthy and really pretty. I went a little crazy putting random things on a old comforter but i decided to spare you and just show you one 🙂


5. Bright by Echosmith ~ apparently this is an old song but I just heard it on the radio and it’s such a nice song to listen to and it seems like something they would play at weddings

Credit: Spotify
Credit: Spotify

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