Monday Musings

A little sample of my craziness

1. This Blog: I’m really writing this for myself because I don’t believe anyone will click on the follow button. Monday Musings will be written every Monday (shocker, i know!). Basically the first five things I think of will be mused upon (does that even make sense?). Right now my blog is a mess of words and I hope that’s enough. This whole thing is really a learning experience and I sincerely hope that you decide to see what I make of it.

2. High School Friendships: This is a hard one. I was actually going to cheat and replace this with something else but I decided to try and start this honestly. For some reason, whenever I let my mind wander off I always think about friends. In my opinion, friends define you and the memories you make with them are the ones that matter. Unfortunately I’m at a point in my life where I really don’t feel like I have a true friendship. The kind where you can’t stop talking and if you do it’s really really comfortable. The kind where you laugh so hard your stomach hurts almost every time you’re around your “people”. I just don’t feel like I have that and it’s hurt me for long time. I have a lot more to say about this though because I’m starting to realize that friendship and happiness are NOT interchangeable. I feel kind of lonely right now but I really want to share how I manage to stay happy. Since I don’t want you to fall asleep reading this, I’m going to take a rain check but watch out for a friendship/happiness post later this week 🙂

3. Mac vs. PC: I recently switched to a Mac and the mini heart attack that the $1500 price tag gives me is nothing compared to the torture I endured while my PC spontaneously deleted projects and papers that were the result of countless hours, tears, and the sacrifice of TGIT (I’m sorry Shonda Rhimes). I really love the look and feel of my Macbook Pro but I also know that there are much more affordable PCs that have touch screen and run just as well. Before making the purchase I did a lot of research but ultimately the Mac fit my needs and I know I’m going to use it for a very, very, very long time.

4. Vessel: If you don’t know what Vessel is, it’s basically a platform like Youtube where users can create and share video content. Sounds harmless right? The catch is that you have to pay to watch. Essentially, Youtube users release their content on Vessel first and viewers can view it for a price before its formally released on Youtube. The concept is pretty genius actually and I’m a little upset I didn’t take advantage of their free year offer that expired a couple days ago. While I admire the creators of this site for their business skill, as a Youtube fan I think this really takes away from the integrity of Youtubers. I’ve always loved the cheesy aspect of creating and sharing videos and bonding with strangers over zalfie, hauls, and vlogs. For me, Vessel takes away from that because it reminds everybody that the youtubers you know and love share content to earn money not just to make you smile.

5. Madonna and Drake: Madonna aggressively kissed Drake on the Coachella stage and he looked like he was about to throw up afterwards. Guess he didn’t get very far from the bottom?

Hope you liked my first Monday Musings!



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