Monday Musings

hello!!! happy monday! (does that exist?) anyways  here is another monday musings:) the other day i was thinking about the similarity between friday faves and monday musings so i just wanted to say that the difference between them is that friday faves is all things that I love while monday musings is about things that make me wonder or concern me enough to make me want to pitch in my 2 cents (almost like a less important thursday thoughts) hope that cleared it up!!

1. Cost of Clothing: I went shopping the other day and every price tag that I looked at made me sooo sad 😦 I know that there a lot better things to worry about but seriously sometimes it makes me angry that stores price their clothing so high above what it costs them to make it just to increase their margins and make a higher profit because wouldn’t it be nice if people could at least come closer to affording what they wanted instead of having all these high end brands that separate society. Honestly I saw a shirt at Target that looked exactly like a shirt at Free People that was 10 times the price. Yet, people still flock to the high end brands because they feel like it means something to spend huge amounts of money on overpriced things to prove their status instead of understanding the value of money and looking for lower prices or donating to charity. Even makeup for that matter is separated into high end and drugstore and honestly sometimes Rimmel has lipsticks that have the exact same quality as the Chanel or Tom Ford ones. The only differences? The brand, the TF logo engraved on the top of the lipstick, and the extreme difference in price. It makes me sad that I get more attention and awe when I bring in high end makeup versus the drugstore dupe because it goes to show that we are a brand driven society because Tom Ford makes ridiculous amounts of money even though all they do is engrave letters into their lipstick and put it in classier packaging. At the end of the day, I prefer an honest company like Rimmel who prices their makeup at a reasonable amount that most people can afford. sorry for the rant xx 😛

2. Drivers Ed: Im currently taking the online Drivers Ed class and while I completely understand the necessity of taking such a thorough course I have to wonder why the test taking portion is so hard because honestly I think you learn more about driving from the experience and I definitely won’t remember all of the reading quizzes on the road. but I could be totally wrong but it is such a pain 😦

3. The Appeal of Out of State Colleges: As many eager seniors jet off to new adventures outside of their home, I think about how nice it must be to find new friends and in a way start over. I think everyone is right when they say that you don’t meet your lifelong friends in high school and I think the reason for that is that in high school we are young and dumb and immature but college is like the last step before you go into the real world and settle into a mundane routine adult life and I think you realize that you need people around you to go through that with so you find those people in college. Its harder to find those people in high school or if you go to college where you live because you can’t go on completely new adventures and find out who you are away from your family. Also, when you grow up somewhere your friendships are often the results of your parents because if you think about it you wouldn’t have made the friends you did in high school if your parents hadn’t enrolled you in that school but in college its different because you get to find your friends all on your own and find people who actually like you for you and not as a result of being stuck in school with you for many years. That being said, I know that there a lot of upsides to staying close to home for college but I just think that you don’t get many chances in life for a fresh start.

4. Ariana Grande: she recently made a statement about how she doesn’t want to be known as Big Sean’s girlfriend because she is not his property or possession and how she does not need a partner to be happy or successful. I really respected and admired her words and I think that being independent and happy without friends or partners is really important and always something to think about

5. Handwriting vs Typing: I love finding new ways to use my computer productively but I stopped by Target the other day and found so many cute calendars and notebooks and realized that by limiting myself to a device to do everything with my life I’m actually missing out on the joys of handwriting. Its actually proven that handwriting makes you understand and remember things better than typing. So whether it be for note taking or to do lists, for the next month I am going to try to go strictly by paper. (Except for my calendar and Netflix….I can’t live without tv and the Sunrise Calendar app to organize my week)  I’ll update you in my Friday Faves!!

hope you enjoyed this post!



Friday Faves

Happy Friday! I spent most of today in a car for a road trip so I can now say that I truly know the meaning of exhausted. Anyways here’s my five favorites of the week! Sorry for the lack of pictures, there really wasn’t anything to capture on my road trip 😛

1. Season 5 of PLL: the fab four + Ali are back in action in Season 5 which just arrived on Netflix! I really don’t have the time to keep up with this show when it actually airs so I love binge watching on Netflix and so far I am loving it. I usually watch a lot of lighter shows, mostly comedy and maybe a little drama because I get scared really easily so while the thought of A sometimes keeps me up I still love this show!!

2. Singing Covers on Youtube: I really love watching these! Basically whenever I hear a song I like I go on to Youtube and look up covers of that song and it’s so amazing to see other peoples’ interpretations of the songs and all the crazy talented people on Youtube! Some people I have been loving are: Kurt Hugo Schneider (does collabs with singers), Madilyn Bailey, and Alex G

3. SLEEP: this is probably always going to be a favorite because I am soo sleep depraved and summer has given me the opportunity to catch up on some much needed snooze time. I find myself going to bed super late binge watching netflix/youtube and waking up just in time for a late lunch 🙂 Its not the best schedule but sometimes you need slow weeks so I took this week to sleep ALL the time

4. being home alone: this week I got a lot of time to myself because I was the only one in my house who could have a lazy week and stay in bed. this let me dance around, eat ice cream out of the cartoon, take selfies shamelessly and document it all on Snapchat haha. even though I would probably get really lonely after awhile of this, for the week it was definitely a favorite

5. this blog: typing away about my favorite things and being able to share that is such a cool idea. I love reading these types of posts on other peoples’ blogs and its so nice that blogging is something anyone can do. this is also a welcome break for when I get tired of netflix (yes it can happen)

hope you enjoyed!! and yes I know this post makes me look like a total loser haha I promise I get out sometimes 🙂


Thursday Thoughts: Career

happy thursday!! currently writing this blog post in fleece sweats (even though its 80 degrees outside) and listening to pre 1989 Taylor Swift with some background noise of cartoons. life is good, a little sluggish, but good.

today i wanted to talk about the word that every 20-something, pressured high schooler, and honestly anyone stuck in a low point HATES. this word? CAREER: its basically what you’re going to do with the rest of your life, so in today’s post i wanted to share with you some tips about deciding on a career

In order to decide what you want to do with the rest of your life, I think its important to list out your priorities and passions  and choose a job based on BOTH lists not just one. This is important because if I based my future career off of pure passion then i would be homeless and if i based it off of my priorities i would be extremely unhappy so make sure that you know what you want but also how to achieve your desire realistically.  In terms of priorities its pretty easy to figure out what you want (job security, high salary, good benefits, flexible schedule) but passion is a little harder especially for people who have no clue about what they’re good at and how they can succeed in the real world so my advice for anyone who doesn’t have a clue about what they’re passionate about is to just start by figuring out what makes you happy. For most people, their passion is helping people and that fits most jobs because almost every job is about serving the community and helping others but you can be passionate about pretty much anything and it can translate to a real life job. For example, if your passion is watching tv maybe you could consider being a screenplay writer, director, or actress. but lets say your priorities are a high salary and job security and usually jobs in entertainment are very unpredictable so maybe you could instead earn an MBA and one day become a business analyst for a major television network. Also remember that your passion can also turn into a hobby if you cant find a job that meets all your expectations. This blog, for example, probably can’t become a career but I’m passionate about it.

deciding on a career can be A LOT of work because its not just about your passion its also about practicality (read: how much $$$) but at the end of the day life is short and you have to do what makes you happy. If you really truly love watching tv and want to become an actress then I say go for it. Its not going to be easy but I’m the kind of hopeless romantic who would rather be poor and doing what I love than rich and stuck in a cubicle so at the end of the day follow your heart and I hope this post cleared some things up for you.


Hi Again :)

wow hard to believe my last post was on may 14….

sorry for being totally absent i wasn’t feeling well and to be honest the blog was the last thing on my mind for the past few weeks but summer is officially here and I am ready to be fully invested expect monday musings, thursday thoughts, and friday faves as well as a few surprise posts

at this point it might sound like i’m crying wolf because i’ve been promising posts but haven’t really been delivering but i guess its taking me a little to get used to a space where i have to meet deadlines but there isn’t really any enforcement so bear with me and happy summer!!

xoxo, S

Thursday Thoughts: Body Image

attempting to find the meaning of life every thursday…

getting this post in just in time to end a boring thursday, hope you enjoy!

This is going to be shorter thursday thoughts solely because I wrote this post then decided to delete everything because there’s so much I can say about this topic. So in this post about body image i’m going to be talking about my personal issues with myself, how I deal with them, and how I believe society should approach body image.

The decision to write about this came about when I decided I didn’t want to attend a party because of how I looked. As the hours for the party ticked by I wondered about the fun that everyone was having without me. I then realized that this was not an isolated incident. My view on the way I look has prevented me from going out several times and it has also lowered my self confidence and ability to stand up for myself. There is such a strong link between how you view yourself and how you get treated by others. I treat myself as the lowest of the low because I believe that I deserve that because of how I look and my level of success. Its normal to be a little hard on yourself and I totally understand that you are your worst critic but the minute you tell yourself that you’re not good enough you give other people a chance to think so as well. For a long time, I’ve let people walk over me and take advantage of me because I’ve felt like that’s all im good for and I try to see the best in people and offer my help. But the people that I offer my help are often the ones who make me feel the worst about myself. Sometimes I make excuses for these people after they hurt me. I’ll say things like oh they probably didnt mean it or oh its my fault. but its not my fault. it never is. And so when I cry myself to sleep after getting hurt over and over again, I wonder what is it that these people have that makes them better then me. For a long time, I thought it was beauty. I felt like my body and the way I looked wasn’t good enough so therefore i’m not good enough to be treated as human. but now I realize that in reality its confidence. You are beautiful and you have to believe that in order for others to believe it too. I just wish society would recognize the beauty in everyone and stop judging looks and body types. It would make life so much easier. but more on that in a later post. If you are struggling with body image issues just remember that you are beautiful and by believing that you have the power to be invincible against other people’s words. Stand up for yourself and believe in your beauty. I love you 🙂


Starting Over…

So for the past week or so, I’ve been really thinking about the direction of this blog and what it means to me. It feels like I only get inspiration to write when I’m feeling really depressed because I need to let all my sadness out but this needs to be a place where I learn and find a happy place. There’s so much I want to write that’s been pent up inside of me for a long time. I would make a diary but there’s something satisfying about other people reading about my life. It makes the world seem a little less cold and a little more connected. Anyways, the reason I started this blog is because im lonely. It scares me because life is short and it feels like I don’t have anyone to share it with. I’m very grateful to have a caring family but I also want a group. I want a group of people that I found entirely on my own who love me for who I am not because they were forced to know me as family but because they made the choice to be my friend. I have a group of people I call “friends” but they all seem to put themselves first and I don’t feel like myself when I’m with them. I feel gossipy and judgmental and it sucks that we can’t have late night conversations about issues in the world but instead have to concern ourselves about who’s dating who. anyways, I know other people have wayyy more serious issues but it sucks to go through life like this. I don’t want to go through the motions anymore and I’m trying to find happiness within myself and document the journey. If you’d like to tag along for the serious posts and also the fun ones (thursday thoughts and friday faves are for sure happening this week!) then you can click the follow button!


P.S. I just realized I used the word depressed in this post. I do not have depression and I know that it can be considered wrong to throw around the word depressed when depression is a very real medical disorder; but, in my opinion, I think one can feel depressed without having depression. I have gone through prolonged periods of sadness and although it has not escalated to anything serious I still feel very low and vulnerable during these times. I just wanted to acknowledge this because I wanted everyone to know that I respect the severity of depression and understand that it is a real disorder.

Thursday Thoughts

Hi blogosphere! I haven’t seen you in a while because I needed some time to refocus. I know that sounds stupid because I only have 9 followers and 0 page views but every blog has a person behind it no matter the amount of followers. And this person just needed a reality check. Life has gotten hard. I know people have it worse and my petty struggles are nothing compared to the tragedy that occurs in our world today but I feel stuck. There are so many thoughts swirling around in my head because I have so much to say about so many things but its really hard to feel motivated when it feels like no one cares about your voice. I realized that when I started this blog I made time for it because I wanted to type out my thoughts as an outlet and a way to create a happy place but it evolved into another way to point out my insecurities. Whenever I don’t receive a page view I feel irrelevant because I thought I could my blog would inspire people and become huge overnight. But then I remind myself that that’s not why I started this.Then I remind myself that there are thousands of blogs that don’t get seen by anyone but the writer. and that’s okay. that’s actually perfect. Blogging comes from a place of happiness for me and if I can continue to make time to write because it pulls me away from my insecurities and loneliness that I think I’m gonna be okay. So, instead of being a thursday thoughts, this was kind of a checkpoint as I refocus myself and shift gears but expect a friday faves tomorrow and maybe a random thoughts or style post on saturday!